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Water Tower Construction
Construction Update
Construction has been ongoing since April 2016 for the construction of the new City Hall Water Tower.  The Water Tower will hold 750,000 gallons of water...3 times the size of the existing City Hall Water Tower!  The Water Tower supplies a portion of the water pressure to the public water system as well as storage.  
Construction of the tower will slow during the winter months, but will continue through Summer 2017.  The tower will be painted in 2017 with a light blue top and a dark blue bottom.  The tower will not be operational until Summer 2017 so the existing tower will remain in operation until all testing of the new tower is complete and it becomes operational.
Once this new tower becomes operational in 2017, we will be bidding a project to demolish the existing water tower.  The exact plan and timing for this tower has not been decided, but, rest assured, it will not remain in its current condition.

Check out the link below to view a time lapse video of the tower's construction.
Water Tower Construction Time Lapse