The Highway Division is responsible for routine maintenance and repair of all public pavements and surface infrastructure within the street right-of-way, with the exception of that maintained by the county or state. In addition, the Division is responsible for:

  • Brush and tree maintenance within the public right-of-way
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Maintenance of traffic signs and signals
  • Operation of the recycling center
  • Snow and ice control
  • Storm drainage
  • Street lighting
  • Street sweeping

Important Notices

  1. Garbage and Recycling Collection

    City of Pewaukee residents are reminded to place garbage and recycling containers in their driveway, not in the street, so they don't become obstacles for vehicles and snow plows. Cart lids should open towards the street with no materials placed on top. Recycling materials should be kept loose in the cart (not in plastic bags). 

    Mailbox Maintenance

    It is important to conduct periodic mailbox inspections and perform routine maintenance. Check for inadequate construction of materials and condition of mailbox and support post. Mailboxes should be installed and maintained to withstand snow coming off the end of the plow. Clear snow from the area around your mailbox to help reduce possible damage. 

    You may be notified by the City that your mailbox is in poor condition and needs repair. If you do not make the repairs or replace your mailbox and it is damaged during snow plow operations, the City will not be responsible for the damages.

    Snow and Ice Removal

    Please do NOT deposit snow on public roadways. Pushing or blowing snow or ice onto or across public roadways creates an unsafe situation for drivers and is punishable by law. Please notify your snow removal contractors. Pewaukee Ordinance Chapter 10.09. Deposit of Snow in the Streets or Right-of-Ways; Wisconsin State Statute 346.94(5).

    Winter Parking

    It shall be unlawful in the City of Pewaukee for the owner or operator of any vehicle to park in the City of Pewaukee from November 1st to April 1st of each year. Pewaukee Ordinance Chapter 5.04(5) Winter Parking Regulations.