Park Rental FAQ's - updated 11/23/22

For formal Park Rental Policies, click here.

1. Can I book a rental on short notice? Application and full payment must be submitted at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled date. Late applications will be accepted until noon on the Wednesday prior to the weekend and will be assessed a $25 late fee.

2. Do I need to come in person to City Hall to rent a park? You can contact the Parks and Recreation office at 262-691-7275 and all information can be gathered over the phone.

3. Can I schedule a time to tour the building I’m interested in renting? Due to staffing constraints, we are unable to give tours of the buildings.

4. When I rent the building and/or outdoor covered pavilion, do I have exclusive access to the park as well? We do not guarantee absolute privacy to any group as the parks are a public space.

5. Can I rent the building without the outdoor pavilion? During the months of October-April, only the building can be rented, however, during the months of May – September, the outdoor pavilion needs to be rented in addition to the building.

6. During what hours is the park available to rent? 10:00am-10:00pm

7. Do you offer set up/take down services? We do not offer set up/take down services. You are responsible for setting up and cleaning up after your rental. More cleaning info with FAQ #23.

8. My friends live in Pewaukee, can they set up the rental for me? No, the rental contract is in the name of the person who is organizing the event. The rental rate is determined by the person completing the rental contract.

9. Can I change the date of my rental? You may change the date of your rental to another available date only once. A second date change will incur a $25 administrative fee. Any date change must be requested at least 30 days in advance of the originally scheduled date.

10. Can I add/remove time to my rental? You may add time to your rental until the last business day prior to the rental. A refund will not be issued for a reduction of rental time. Payment is required to secure the additional time.

11. What is the cancellation policy? A $25 administrative fee will be charged for any rental cancellation and if the cancellation occurs less than 30 days prior to the rental date, the entire rental fee will be forfeited. NO EXCEPTIONS.

12. Can I cancel my event for weather issues? No.

13. Can I go into the building before the rental time to set up? Access to park rentals is permitted only during the time stated in the facility rental agreement. The door access code will unlock the door 15 minutes prior to the rental and become inactive 15 minutes after the scheduled end time of the rental. Park/building entry beyond the reserved hours will incur hourly/daily rates to be paid by the renter. Renters are responsible for locking all necessary doors at the completion of their rental.

14. Is alcohol allowed at my event? Only fermented malt beverages (beer, wine, seltzers) are allowed in the parks with the park rental contract.

15. Are there indoor/outdoor outlets in the park buildings? Yes, all of the park buildings have indoor outlets and all but South Park have outdoor outlets.

16. Can I have a bounce house at my rental? A bounce house may be used with power supplied by the renter’s own generator.

17. Can I have a band/DJ at my rental? DJ’s and bands may be allowed if the renter does not violate municipal noise ordinances.

18. Can I have a food truck at my rental? You may be allowed to have a food truck with permission from the Department. There is a $100 per food truck refuse fee.

19. Am I able to rent a ball diamond? Specific reservations must be made for exclusive use of ball diamonds for an additional fee. You must request this prior to your rental.

20. Is grilling allowed in the parks? Yes, grilling is allowed (you may bring your own grill) in our parks if the grill is kept a safe distance from any buildings and hot coals are disposed of properly and safely. All grills/grilling supplies will need to be taken with you when you leave the park.

21. Are tents allowed? Tents are allowed and must be taken down by 10pm on the day of the rental. Tents are not allowed to be staked down into the asphalt.

22. Can I hang decorations? You may hang decorations, but you may not damage the surface you are hanging decorations from. Helium balloons are not allowed indoors at Wagner Park because they get stuck on the high ceiling.

23. Do I bring my own cleaning supplies? Brooms and mops will be provided but you need to bring towels or rags, along with cleaning cleanser to wipe tables after use.

24. Will the parking lots be plowed in winter? Yes, parking lots will be plowed in winter.