Duplainville Road and Trail

Detour Route (06/30/2022)

While Duplainville Road is closed to thru traffic, residents and businesses with direct access along Duplainville Road will have that access maintained.  There will be a hard closure on Duplainville Road between Capitol Drive underpass and Spring/Sussex Creek.  This part of Duplainville will be closed to thru traffic, but residents and businesses within this particular stretch of Duplainville will still have driveway access.

Subdivisions should be accessed through Lindsay Road.  Subdivision access points along Duplainville Road will remain blocked off until fall 2022.

Green Road around the intersection with Duplainville Road is closed for approximately one week to install the new storm sewer.  Traffic will need to use the outermost edges of pavement to reach businesses and residences along Green Road.

Duplainville Detour Routes - Final

Construction Update (06/30/2022)

The contractor is continuing earlier tasks including the removal of old pavement and the installation of underground utilities, while starting to grade the project corridor to ensure the road's structural stability and improve stormwater management.  Electric, fiber optic, and gas relocations continue.  These tasks within the reconstruction project will continue the week of 07/04.

Construction Update (06/23/2022)

Currently, the contractor is removing asphalt pavement towards the north end of the project.  Underground crews are installing storm sewer and water main around the intersection of Duplainville Road and Green Road.  Electric, fiber optic, and gas relocations are also underway along the project corridor.  Next week, the contractor expects to continue the current tasks within the project scope.


June 13, 2022

The contractor has started pulverizing Duplainville Road, clearing trees, and installing erosion control products.  The current plan is to install and replace existing underground utilities starting this week.

The consultant has set up an optional email communication to keep you up-to-date on where the contractor is working and where potential delay may exist.  If you are interested in enrolling in this email communication list, please send an email to Ashley Pridemore at Ashley.Pridemore@strand.com.  If you do not have email, please contact Ashley Pridemore at (414) 271-0771, or call our office at (262) 691-0804 to discuss alternative options or if you have further construction questions.

The contractor has traffic control signs in place to assist drivers.  As many businesses and residents are affected by the road and adjacent Duplainville Bridge project, the following detours are set as shown on the below map:

All thru traffic along Duplainville Road from the railroad crossing to Weyer Road should follow the posted detour along Redford Boulevard/County Highway F.

All businesses and residents along Green Road between Duplainville Road and Springdale Road/County Highway SR should enter and exit from the intersection of Green Road and Highway SR.

All businesses and residents along Green Road between Duplainville Road and Highway F should enter and exit from the intersection of Green Road and Highway F.

December 10, 2021

The City is replacing Duplainville Road from the Canadian National railroad tracks to Weyer Road. The new road will be concrete pavement where the road abuts businesses with heavier traffic, and asphalt pavement where the road abuts residential neighborhoods. This project includes adjustments to the road to account for developments in the area made since the road was previously rehabilitated. These adjustments include converting the two-way stop at the intersection of Duplainville Road and Green Road to a four-way stop, installing new storm structures to improve drainage in the area and adding a multi-use asphalt trail. The trail will be parallel to Duplainville Road for the length of the road reconstruction. The trail will also connect the Pewaukee Sports Complex to Duplainville Road at the intersection of Duplainville Road and Lindsay Road. The City of Pewaukee is working with Waukesha County to make sure the trail will continue through the new intersection of Lindsay Road and Redford Boulevard.

Construction plans are nearing completion. The City of Pewaukee and consulting engineers have scheduled a public involvement meeting on Monday, January 10, 2022, at 4:00 PM in the City’s Council Chambers. Construction will take place in 2022.