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1. Do I need a license for my pet in the City of Pewaukee?
2. Where can I obtain a license for my dog?
3. How do we obtain a marriage license?
4. How much is a dog license?
5. Where do I go to obtain a new drivers license?
6. Are licenses exempt for do-it-yourself projects?
7. What contractors are required to be licensed?
8. Does Pewaukee require a local contractor license?
9. When can I get a permit?
10. Do I need a permit for a fence?
11. Do I need a permit for a Water Heater, Dishwasher, Water Softener or Sump Pump?
12. Where do I find the setbacks for a property?
13. Do I need a permit for a yard sale?
14. Where can I get a building permit?
15. Where can I get an application for a permit to perform electrical work?
16. What is needed to get a permit?
17. Do I need a permit to reroof a building?
18. Do I need a permit for a block party?