Hill n Dale Pond

The City of Pewaukee is scheduling work to improve the storm water management in and around the Hill N Dale subdivision. Work will include grading the land west of the subdivision into a detention pond. Some of roadside ditches along Hill N Dale Circle and Bonnie Lane will also be improved.

The contractor for this project expects to start work the week of May 8, 2023. Note that this work may require equipment and barricades within the roadway which will impede traffic. Everyone should follow the contractor's directions to navigate through the work area or around it when possible.

Construction-related questions may be directed to the following contact persons from Musson Brothers and from Ruekert & Mielke, the City's engineering consultant for the design and field services for this project:

Musson Brothers Representative
Robert Draths

Project Manager
Brennen Fischer, P.E.
(262) 953-3054

Project Engineer
DeLeah Willman, E.I.T.
(262) 953-3030

As always, you may also contact the City's Public Works Department at (262) 691-0804.

Project Documents