Yench Road Drainage Improvements

This project will replace two existing corrugated metal pipe crossings on Yench Road between Capitol Drive and State Highway 16 with concrete structures. The first crossing is approximately 350 feet north of Capitol Drive and the second crossing is at Coco Creek. Additionally, a concrete storm sewer on the west side of Yench Road from Coco Creek to the State Highway 16 right-of-way will be removed and replaced by a ditch and driveway culvert. Plans for the proposed improvements are included under the Project Documents folder on this page.

The contract for this project was awarded to Underground Pipeline, Inc., and is anticipated to begin on November 1, 2023. The project will take approximately 2 weeks to complete, depending on weather conditions. Should you have any questions, please contact Rich Wirtz at (262) 691-0804 or

Project Documents