Fire Advisory


The committee meets as needed.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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  • Colleen Brown, City Alderman
  • Jerry Wamser, City Alderman
  • Village Trustees
  • Scott Gosse, Village Administrator
  • Fire Chief Kevin Bierce

The committee is comprised of two City alderpersons and two Village of Pewaukee trustees. The committee at its first meeting of each calendar year selects a chairperson and a secretary for the year. The Fire Chief and the Administrators of both communities, or their representatives, act as liaisons to the committee, providing information and support, but have no vote. The committee members are appointed by the mayor subject to confirmation by the Common Council.

An official meeting of the committee requires at least three members and specific recommendations require a majority vote of the full committee.

Responsibilities & Information

The purpose of the committee is to collect information, comments, complaints, suggestions and generally, be a 'sounding board' for the two communities on Fire Department matters and advise the full City Common Council of their findings and recommendations. Also, as a part of their task, the committee should periodically review and evaluate the services provided by the City Fire Department to the two communities and make recommendations to the City Common Council regarding any proposed changes to such service.

The committee’s recommendations are advisory only and the committee has no direct power or authority in regard to the operations, staffing, budget, or structure of the Department. The committee may make recommendations to the City Common Council on any of those issues or other matters that affect the fire and rescue services provided to the two communities.

The committee advises the City Common Council as to the schedule of meetings to be held. At a minimum, meetings should be scheduled quarterly, with the ability to meet on call (with proper notice) as the need arises. A committee meeting should be held at the time of the creation of the first draft of a Department budget and prior to when the budget is proposed to be approved by the City Common Council.